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Justice for Jake - Punch and Judy... "Golden West"

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2011 1:00 pm GMT    Post subject: Justice for Jake - Punch and Judy... "Golden West" Reply with quote

Hey Swingorama, long time! I wanted to post my recent Justice for Jake email here for anyone interested in remembering a fallen dancer.

“I'd like to think that if people were aware of the volume it might make a difference on some level? When I did a web search the other day, I found so many links to shootings in SD. It seems like they're shooting someone at least once a month. People are starting to forget this is not the way it used to be, not the way it was meant to be.” –Lynne Faust

Six years ago today Jake was killed. It is a very sad day. I am just as outraged today as I was then. This is only a small email list, but I hope it helps to keep up the consciousness and provide information you otherwise might not be aware of. Listening to some of Jake’s songs on myspace is comforting to me. I’m so thankful recordings were made. We are lucky to still be able to hear the music that flowed so effortlessly from him. I hope you treat yourself to a mini Jacob Faust concert today.

And if you are near the San Diego area, this would be a great way to honor Jake as well:

Punch and Judy
and the Jamalan Gunk Band in...
"Golden West"
at San Diego Space4art
325 15th St.
April 4th
puppet show at 7
with Q&A to follow

What is Punch and Judy you ask? And why is this happening? http://www.sdspace4art.org/2011/03/punch-and-judy-and-the-jamalan-gunk-band-in-golden-west/

With Lynne’s permission, I’m sharing a letter she wrote me last week. It is deeply personal. But I think it is important to share. It is a powerful way of illustrating how such a tragedy like this effects people, even years after it takes place. One comment in Italics is mine.


This is what's been going on in Seattle. The links below are to the story of a man who was a local icon, a Native American woodcarver named John T. Williams. He was deaf in one ear. Another American tragedy.

· www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt1mFQG3tJ <--This is a sobering way to begin the day that marks my innocent friend being shot and killed by police. This is the Seattle Police dashcam video of the Woodcarver’s shooting. The shooting takes place just off camera.

· http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2014235279_policeshooting16m.html

· http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/theblotter/2014471492_no_grand_jury_review_of_woodca.html

He's only one of many here. It seems they are shooting someone every other day, certainly at least once every few weeks. There was a huge outcry in Seattle because the Native Americans have a big presence here, a lot of clout also owning a lot of land and casinos. So the local government paid attention and supposedly the police policies are under investigation.

When people of color are killed, there is always the race card played, and it seems to overshadow everything else, unfortunately. With our violent heritage and history of segregation, that's not surprising at all. The fact that people of color had to fight for so many decades - centuries - to have any kind of voice here speaks volumes. I recently read, at Amy's urging, Dr. Martin Luther King's letter from the Birmingham Jail. I was embarrassed that I had never read it before. And I cried. It ought to be a must-read for every student in middle school in this country. How tragic that it isn't. Did you know he was assassinated April 4th as well? Like Amy said, "brother from a different mother."

Everyone in America needs to realize this killing isn't about color, though. It's about power and control - over the masses of every color. We all have a bully story from school days. We all know there are bullies out there. We all know that bullies grow up. It's more than unfortunate when they are employed by governments and given guns, allowed to continue their bullying professionally. It's tragic when they are not punished for their cowardly, illegal acts. It's criminal and unconscionable that public servants are getting away with murder. Everywhere here. This was not happening in the America I grew up in. Suburbia, Southern California. Criminals only got shot in the commission of a crime, sometimes, maybe robbing liquor stores or holding up a bank. Regular citizens, people simply walking down the street or driving down the street, minding their own business, traffic stops - it just didn't happen. No matter how many people continue to get shot now, nobody seems to want to face that reality.

The second most awful part of this whole thing, the part that's left after your life's been destroyed and your soul sucked out of you, is the fact that your loved one is always held in suspicion. We, the survivors, are left defending the dead, trying to prove them innocent for the rest of our lives whenever they're mentioned, when people give you the look. You know the one...the "well...he must have done something to deserve it" look. Most people still have those thoughts; still hold those beliefs, even if they don't admit it. You can see it in their eyes.

There is one fact about Jake's death that really disturbs me - because I think it is particularly significant. Jake was shot in the BACK - not the chest which was the story reported by almost everyone publicly, even City Beat, I believe. Simple misinformation but a crucial fact. And he was almost doubled over in that van when that bullet went into his back. Huge difference. Getting shot in the front makes it sound confrontational, like maybe someone could have been defending themselves, right? Stating that he was shot in the back paints a very different picture. He wasn't just shot and killed. He was executed. By cowards and bullies. I need to write a book. I just need to find the courage to do it. I don't think I've ever had much of that, courage. I just tend to hide. I don't even have any pictures up in my house - of him or any of the kids - and haven't for the past few years. I am still fighting to heal, you know? There are still really dark times that I don't want to be alive. Days when I can't bring myself to go outside. I am fighting this. I know he wouldn't want me to live this way. I know it's not fair to others that love me. There's so much I want to say about Jake, so many things to say about the wonderfulness of him. But to write them down, to think them through and share them, it brings a whole new level of pain that I am still terrified to go through. And that's cowardly too. I feel guilty that I haven't tried to contact the families of the people up here that continue to get slaughtered. I've been hiding in my own pain and my own fear of getting out there and retelling the story, waiting to see "the look" from most people.

I love you, Krista, and thank you for being in my life, for being Jake's dear friend and now mine.


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