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"There is expression in dancing, and it is one thing that connects us to our roots."

Welcome to our site. We at Swing'O'Rama have a team of individuals that are extremely enthusiastic about providing our readers with the information regarding all ballroom dance forms from all around the world to help them learn more about this culture as well as dance variations. Our team has some dance enthusiasts that have extensively researched various dance forms from all over the world and brought to you pertinent information about each one. We believe that dancing is one of the best things a person can do in his or her life.

Dance is the best stress buster and one of the most fun activities known to humankind. There is expression in dancing, and it is one thing that connects us to our roots.

We at our website post about dances from all over the world. We have some great information about swing dancing and how it all began. Swing dancing is one of the biggest cluster of dance forms of the present times. Swing dancing initially evolved in America and later spread to the other parts of the world. Every dance form has a history behind it. The swing dance form has a huge African-American influence to it.

We also post about other dance forms. We try our best to describe these in the simplest ways possible for the readers to understand them and relate to them. The history of each and every dance form is very important to us and we try and incorporate that into each and every article. You will also find the detailed information about where you can learn the different dance forms and what necessary things are required in order to learn them. We also give information regarding the best places to experience particular dance forms. We are not just inclined towards western dance forms but we would like to post about all the types of dance from all over the world on our website.

We are totally open to suggestions and if any of our readers want us to do a post on a particular form of dancing that we have missed, kindly write to us at our email address and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, we love constructive criticism, so if there is anything we have missed or have written wrong in our content, kindly contact us and we will look into it. If we find that we have gotten anything, we will quickly and gladly change it.

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