How It All Began

Swing dancing is a very famous collection of dance forms that originated in the years 1920s to 1940s. This was also known as the infamous swing era. During this time hundreds of new dance forms under the swing style emerged but only a few could make their mark on society. Swing dance was initially inspired by swing music, which was a type of jazz music that was very prevalent at that time. Swing dances usually include couple-style dance forms.

With each new generation that came up since the 1920s, a new form of swing dance began.

About Swing 'O' Rama

We at Swing'O'Rama have a team of individuals that are extremely enthusiastic about providing our readers with the information regarding all ballroom dance forms from all around the world to help them learn more about this culture as well as dance variations. Our team has some dance enthusiasts that have extensively researched various dance forms from all over the world and brought to you pertinent information about each one. We believe that dancing is one of the best things a person can do in his or her life. Dance is the best stress buster and one of the most fun activities known to humankind.

We believe that dancing is one of the best things a person can do in his or her life.

Make Swing Dancing A Career

Trying to make a career in the field of performing arts can be a little daunting in today's time. With the advancement of technology and the internet, everyone has the access to the knowledge of the various art forms and the talents are easily being recognized from all over the world. To make a successful career in any performing arts field, a person has to be the best in his craft.

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Articles About Swing Dance


Swing Dancing Nights – Top Venues Keeping The Tradition Alive

Nothing can make you feel prouder than your own culture, traditions, and values.¬† Witnessing our roots provides a deep sense of gratification and fulfilment to us. The genesis of the existence of our being, our habits, and our lifestyle is worth carrying to future generations. But, on a sad note, not a good population is […]

Where You Can Get Free Lessons On Swing Dance

Swing dance is one of the forms of dance that was developed during the late 1920s. This dance style was formed on the basis of the swing style dance related to jazz music. In present times, there are many forms of swing dance styles that are practiced across the country. This dance has its own […]


Swing Dancing: How It Started And Why It’s So Popular Today

Swing dancing is a dancing style with Afro-American roots. The dance steps employ a lot of swings between partners, normally between a male and female. Experience dancers use lots of footwork and techniques to pull off an appropriate swing dance. The swing style comes from the swing style of jazz music from the early 1920s […]


Famous Swing Dancers Performing Incredible Swing Moves

Dance is a form of therapy – it’s fabulous for busting stress, as well as having some energetic fun. Swing dancing originated between 1920 and 1940 as an amalgamation of different forms of dance. Swing dancing easily traces to the Charleston, which was a hugely popular dance in the 1920s. Several dancers became famous because […]

A Transition In Swing Dance From Its Origin to Date

Swing dancing is one dance form that has been evolving ever since it has been invented¬†. There have been different dance forms that have been introduced to this dance form. There are thousands of dance forms that come under this and each dance form has its own variation. Here is a simple timeline that shows […]

Schools Around The World For Swing Dance

There are a lot of schools that teach various forms of swing dancing to beginners all around the world. Since the art form has was started in America, it is better to learn the swing dancing from schools in America. There are some forms of swing dance like the Lindy Hop and Jive or West […]

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